About Student Leadership

At Pearling Season International School, we believe in empowering our students to become future leaders, and we do this by providing them with the opportunities necessary to develop lifelong skills.

Our student council consists of representatives from each class who meet regularly to discuss various topics, from school improvement plans to whole school events, such as Anti-Bullying Day and Cancer Day. Our representatives have an active role in ensuring that every child’s voice is heard. They keep a check on healthy eating in school and encourage inquisitive discussions within their classes whilst supporting the development of a growth mindset in their peers. In the upper school, the school prefects take on the role of ensuring students are meeting the high expectations which are expected of them.

They monitor behaviour and punctuality while meeting our mission statement and learner profile goals. In addition to this, our Head Boy and Head Girl take on the role of communicating with students and supporting projects to lead effective change within the school community.
Our students have invaluable contributions to make, and we encourage them to be aspirational, lifelong learners who remain connected with everything that we offer to make the most of their enriched school experience.