Admission Process

Once a successful application has been received, depending on space available, a successful applicant is called for an entrance exam. If the application is for Primary or Secondary, the applicant will be tested on English and Mathematics.

If the applicant has had a successful entrance exam, the family will be informed and offered a place in the school. If the family choose to accept, they will have to pay a registration fee to secure the applicant’s place in the school.

Admissions are completed as per Pearling Season International School’s policies and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Qatar.

Please ensure you have read through the Application Process, Prerequisites and Preconditions before applying.

Step One | Application Submission

  • The application form is available online through the Application Portal or alternatively an application form can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office during normal working hours.
  • Application forms must be completed accurately and in full, and must be signed by both parents and / or guardian.
  • All necessary prerequisite documents must be submitted with the completed application form.

Step Two | Applicant Review

  • All applications will be reviewed by the Head of Section, Principal and Registrar’s Office.
  • The Registrar’s Office will arrange a date for the entry test and communicate with parents via phone or SMS.
  • The entry test fee is QR 500, which is non-refundable.

Step Three | Entrance Test

Tuition/ registration/ entry test fees can be paid as per the below methods of payment:

  • Direct bank deposit
  • Online bank transfer
  • Current dated cheque

Step Four | Availability

  • The Registrar’s Office will contact parents with the news of the result and, if applicable, of the availability of places. If a placement is accepted, parents must respond within one week (to secure the placement), pay the full registration fee and sign the students’ code of conduct and uniform policy.