Admission Requirements

We prefer online applications as it allows us to review your file immediately and gives us a head start on the application process. However, we do understand that not everyone is comfortable with an electronic application. In this case, we will welcome a paper application delivered in person.

All non-Qatari children must be in possession of a valid Qatar Residency Permit before starting school in Qatar.

  • The placement of a student in an appropriate year group for their age is the joint responsibility of the receiving school and the parent. In exceptional cases, when the child is placed in a year group, which does not match his / her age, parents must undertake to sign an agreement with the school.
  • Parents seeking a place for a child who has not previously been educated in a British curriculum school should refer to the Ministry equivalency chart to understand the appropriate year group for their son / daughter.
  • An end of year report card must be submitted by parents to finalise the registration of their child and thereafter to enter student data on the official MoE & HE registers via their official portal.
  • Parents must confirm that their child has ‘passed’ the last school year group on the MoE & HE system in order to be promoted to the next year group. In the event that a parent cannot confirm this, and at a later date a ‘fail’ status is evident, the school reserves the right to demote the child to the appropriate year group.

Required documentation for admission

Kindly note that the following documents should be uploaded together with the application form or sent to the Admission Office


Birth Certificate Copy

A copy of the child's birth certificate

Passport Copy

A copy of the child’s passport

Passport Photograph

Four recent passport size photographs

Qatar ID Copy

A copy of the child’s ID (when available)

Sponsor ID Copy

A copy of the ID card of the child's sponsor

Employment Copy

A letter of employment from the child’s sponsor workplace

Reference Letter

A reference letter from the child's current school

Transfer Certificate

A transfer/leaving certificate for students transferring schools inside Qatar

Health Card Copy

A copy of the child's health card from Preschool to Year 1

Immunization Records

Childhood immunization records from Preschool to Year 2

Support Needs

A copy of any assessments relating to Additional Educational Support Needs (e.g Educational Psychologist reports, Speech and Language Therapy), if applicable.

School Report

A copy of the child’s previous school report. For students transferring from outside Qatar, latest school report must be attested in compliance with MOEHE requirements