Welcome to the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) section of our school’s website!

The PTA is an essential part of the Pearling Season International School community, bringing together parents, teachers, and staff to work towards our common goal of providing the best education and support for our students.

Our PTA is integral to fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. The PTA organises events, programs, and activities that enrich our student’s education and help build a sense of community.

By working closely with the school administration, the PTA can identify areas where additional support is needed and provide resources to help meet those needs.

The PTA also provides opportunities for parents to get involved in their child’s education and school life. Whether volunteering in the classroom, attending PTA meetings or participating in enrichment activities, the PTA provides a platform for parents to connect and support our school.

Together, we can continue to make our school a welcoming and supportive place for all students to learn and grow.

Al Gharrafa PTA Members
Al Mansoura PTA Members


To create an outstanding British international school which empowers all students.


To create a community of learning within a safe, secure and happy environment.


Our teaching pedagogy fosters the following core values in our students: