About Pastoral

Pastoral care lies at the heart of every child’s learning journey, from the moment they begin school to their transition into secondary school and the support they require in making essential choices about courses that help shape their careers.

The Pastoral team are committed to working with students to help shape their experiences at school by offering a broad and balanced curriculum. We are helping them build and instil critical qualities such as confidence, teamwork and self-esteem to enable students to work together as a school community with teachers making the most of their learning experiences.

Students should feel safe, supported and cared for at school, and the pastoral team play an essential role in ensuring that the school provides students with a safe space within which to learn, grow and prosper, as well as a place where students feel they are heard and respected.

At Pearling Season International School, it is this foresight and vision that the pastoral team adopt. We want to create a wholesome learning environment that seeks to nurture the whole child within and beyond the classroom by working closely with teachers and senior leaders to help shape tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and change-makers.