In what year was Pearling Season International School founded in?

We have been operating successfully since September 2014.

What year groups do you host?

We host from Pre-School up to year 13, so from ages 3 to 18 years old

What curriculum do you use?

We follow the UK National Curriculum throughout the school from Early Years to Year 13. In the Primary school, we currently use the IPC (International Primary Curriculum)  to enhance our teaching and learning. In the Secondary school, we use the Cambridge and Edexcel curriculum, including IGCSEs and AS Levels.

What facilities do you offer?

We are based in a newly renovated purpose built school spread over 15 and a half thousand square meters, boasting great educational resources & an excellent international learning environment. The school is equipped with a 4G AstroTurf football pitch, a semi Olympic swimming pool, children’s playgrounds a basketball court, 2 ICT labs, 2 Science labs and 2 libraries

Can I visit the School for a tour?

Yes, the School is open for a tour from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Sun- Thu.

What are your fees?

Please click on the “Admissions” menu item on our website home page, then select the ‘Fee Structure’ in the sub-menu to view the fees table for the different year groups.

Do you offer special educational support?

Yes, we are very proud of the inclusive support that we offer. Please visit us for more information. Additional fees will be charged based on individual’s needs.

What nationality are your Pupils?

We have been fortunate to have a perfect multicultural mix for an international School with over 51 different nationalities.

Which Arabic curriculum are you following?

We follow the SEC Arabic curriculum and are fortunate to have the UK developed Arabic curricula to complement it.

Where are the Arabic teachers from?

We have a mix of Male and female Arabic teachers from Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan.

Do you offer Extra Curricular Activities?

We have a wide range of Extra Curricular Activities for pupils to enjoy, learn and participate in a competitive friendly atmosphere. Our activities vary from Sports, Arts, Performing Arts, Robotics, Lego and many more.

Are there swimming instructors for all ages?

There are qualified swimming instructors for all age groups.

How do I contact Admissions?

Mansoura Campus: You can call the admissions office on 40322410 from 08:00 am till 02:00 pm, or send an e-mail to admission@psisd.com.qa

Gharrafa Campus: You can call the admissions office on 44768002 from 08:00 am till 02:00 pm, or send an e-mail to admission.algharrafa@psisd.com.qa

What is the minimum age required?

The minimum age to enrol in the Pre-School class is 3 years old, the Pupil has to reach the age of 3 before September 30th.