ECO School

Welcome to the Eco Warriors page, where passion meets action for a greener tomorrow! Our school’s Eco Warriors are a dedicated group of students committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Through various initiatives and projects, we strive to raise awareness, promote sustainability, and inspire others to join us in protecting our planet.
Our school takes immense pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability and our recent achievements highlight this dedication. We actively participated in the Zero Waste Green Iftar event, volunteering our time and efforts to promote waste reduction and eco-friendly practices. Additionally, we have contributed to our community’s greenery by planting more than 8 trees, enhancing our local environment. Within our school, we have established sustainable practices that minimize waste, ensuring a greener future for our students and community. Together, these actions reflect our dedication to fostering an eco-conscious mindset and creating a sustainable world.
At PSIS we simplify our approach to sustainability by focusing our attention on our environmental commitments.
Each school will focus on 3 areas.

PSIS Al Gharaffa: Global Citizenship, Marine & Coast and Transport.

PSIS Al Mansoora: Global Citizenship, Marine & Coast and Energy.

The new Eco Code for 2019 – 2020 simplifies our approach to sustainability, by focusing our attention on four environmental commitments.