Vision, Mission & Values


To create an outstanding British international school which empowers all students to embrace learning, achieve their best and promote their intellectual, emotional, social and physical well-being.


To create a community of learning within a safe, secure and happy environment where our children are motivated, challenged and supported in all they do. Our passion for learning and teaching will inspire our students, as will our warmth, humanity and transparency. Student achievement will be limitless, and they will leave with the confidence and capability that will equip them for every facet of adult life as a global citizen.


Our teaching pedagogy fosters the following core values in our students:

Student's Learning Outcomes and Profile


We care to encourage students to think intelligently and outside the box. We focus on supporting a student to think in a creative, critical, reflective, adaptable, and persistent manner.


Communication is one of the very essential traits any human being should qualify in. We train our students to be effective and confident communicators as well as collaborative.


We make sure to cultivate significant qualities into our students such as the ability to be aware, ethical, respectful, open-minded and compassionate.


The ability to be a rapid and sharp learner is important. Our students are taught to be well engaged, responsible and self-directed learners.

Leader and Role Model

In today's world, it is vital to have decent leadership skills. Students are taught to display the qualities of a leader and to inspire and guide others to fulfill their potentials.