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*This week’s story is Mr. Happy (children will learn to differentiate emotions.

* children will learn new vocab (happy and miserable)

*Children will be encouraged to answer questions like what makes you sad and happy?



*Circle Shape-children will learn to identify, name and draw the circle.     *Number 2- Children will learn to write and recognize number 2.

*Orange colour-children will learn to identify orange colour and will be able to name 2 colours that makes orange.

*counting 1 to 10 daily

Creative art

*children will mix red and yellow to make ORANGE COLOLUR.

*Children will decorate and cut out circle shape.

*Children will collage number 2.

Reception Newsletter


During this half term children are learning about Bears.
Children are being introduced to different bears stories.
This week our focus story is called’ whatever next.’
Children will identify the features of the characters and
description of the setting. Children will cut out the story
event and will sequence the pictures in order. Children
will be discussing their favorite parts of the story.
Children will also act out the story with their peers.
In phonics we will be focusing on the last week letter
sounds s,a,t,i,p and also introduce the new set of sounds
i, n, m, d.


Last week we have been looking at 2D shapes. This week
we will continue to learn about 2D shapes children will
learn the names of the shapes and reinforce to their
properties. Children will also learn about different sizes.
Children will bring in teddy to school this week and will
compare the different sizes of their teddies.

Expressive arts and design

Children will be making rockets using different shapes and recycling materials. We would like to encourage parents to send some recycling material to school so that children could design their rockets.

Things that could be recycled and bought into school.
• Card box e.g. tissue box, shoe box or cereal box.
• Empty plastic bottles e.g. water bottles, washed juice or milk bottles.
• Empty toilet rolls.

Reminder for blended learning

In school from 7.20 am to 12.30

Sunday B

Monday C

Tuesday A

Wednesday B

Thursday C

Remote learning from 7.20am to 12.30pm

Sunday- A+C

Monday- A+B

Tuesday- B+C


Thursday- A+B

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