Dear Parents,

I am extremely grateful to PSI for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to you. In taking up the baton of Principal, I realise that I have an incredibly important role ahead and I am keen to do all I can to ensure as smooth and efficient a handover as possible.

My experience as a Principal stretches back to 2008, where I started out leading a large school in the UK. After 4 years leading the Priory Ruskin Academy, it was judged to be outstanding in all areas. After which, I have been Head of Secondary at a British school in Qatar and later as a Principal of a K-12 school in Australia. More recently my commitment has been around my own education, undertaking a part-time PhD in Educational Leadership, which is still in progress. I hope to use this collective experience, to help build upon the foundations already laid in PSI.

I am confident that I will be joining a vibrant and dynamic school community where all the students from pre-school and Early Years through to the final year students in Year 12 are valued as individuals and given outstanding opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests.

As someone who has been in school leadership for the past 20 years, I strongly believe to become a successful community of learners, there is a need for a school to have a strong and shared set of values by which it operates and goes about its daily business. For PSI, I hope we can build on the established values of respect, care, integrity, responsibility and a shared belief that that we can all achieve great things… where anything is possible.

With my background firmly entrenched in teaching and learning, consistency in the quality of teaching is key to a first-class learning environment. With our established, and newly appointed experienced teachers, I have the upmost confidence learning will be of the highest standard. When appointed to the Principal’s role, I was asked what my overall goal will be – my answer has always been the same, to build upon recent successes to become one of the highest achieving, most regarded, well respected and welcoming organisations in the area… in this case Qatar.

As a parent of two children, I recognise the advantages a good education can give a child. However, a well-rounded education also presents opportunities outside the classroom. PSI’s modern and fresh environment seems perfect to channel our student’s enthusiasm in many different ways, for example, I have recently been privileged to see the new sports facilities, which are fully operational and ready to offer PSI students first class opportunities, leading the way in Qatar. My experience also tells me that the spacious, well equipped classrooms at PSI, which will come to life when our teachers return, will support learning to the highest level.

I have been involved in education since 1998 and a great deal has changed during that time. For schools, and for parents, technology and the impact that it has made in the world of work, for example, has meant that we have had to re-think our ideas about the kinds of skills and capacities that our children are going to need if they are to thrive in the future. Creativity, assessing risk and reward, problem-solving, invention and collaboration are now all central themes in a progressive teaching and learning environment. I look forward to exploring and developing such ideas over the coming years with the talented and dedicated teaching team at PSI.

I feel honoured to have this wonderful opportunity of working with you, the teaching and support staff, and of course the students of PSI, and very much look forward to meeting you in person.

With best wishes.

Mr. Clive Richard Shepherd

Eric Belleza

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